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2018 Legacy Limited grill

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Nope. Neither will a USDM 2013-14 Legacy grill or

any of the non-USDM Legacy or Outback 2009-2013 or 2014-2017 grills.


Stock, Custom, Grillcraft, CMod 2010-2012 USDM grills etc are your only choices.


Most recent trend is OE grill with all chrome wrapped with gloss black vinyl

or vinyl that most closely matches your OE paint code, or just resprayed with that paint and a few layers of clear to color-code the grill frame to the car.

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I'm planning on making a mesh grill for my car like I did for the Outback. Now that I have a 3d printer, I can make some brackets for the bottom mounts instead of zip ties. Just have to get around to it.



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