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Subaru Outback sedan

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One of the reasons to get an Outback is for the ground clearance. Why must everything be about the lowering? If you want a Civic then go buy one. Don't make every other car on the road look like one.


“Cleanliness becomes more important as godliness becomes more unlikely.”

O C D E T A I L S . C O M


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if i had a outback 3.0r i would


1. leave the ride height just where it is so i can spit down on people.


2. put in a rear perrin swaybar with endlinks


3. be the only car in the us with jdm specb 3.0r 18" rims with monster tires.


4. put in a jdm 3.0r grill


5. put on a cusco strut tower brace


6. ings mean looking eyelines


7. paint the engine cover black and put the plastic jdm covers


8. put on a subie rear wing


9. two forester nets in the trunk to hold some stuff


10. usdm arm rest.


11. use a portable dell axim x50v bluetooth w/pharos gps


12. put some nice chrome exhaust tips on.


13. use some piaa silcone wiper blades


14. change the horns so it sounds like a buick.


15. put a rockblocker partial on.


16. 35% window tint.


17. paint the mufflers black


18. paint the lower front garnish black.


19. put in a perrin panel filter.


then maybe later wait for the proper coilovers and and brakes lines.



oh looky, looky thats what i have now! :icon_bigg



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The previous gen outback sedan I LOVED. I found it much better looking than the wrx.


This gen doesn't wear it's ground clearance as well as the last gen. It looks like it is perched on stilts. I think the body would be sexy as hell dropped though.


Oh yeah...it also comes in a 2.5i limited now!!!


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