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4eat diagnosis

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I tried to test the resistance of solenoids by removing plastic intake parts and checking the connecter going to the transmission. Everything read no resistance. When reading the tcm codes at a shop it would read one set of codes then seconds later a whole different set of codes, then none at all, then one, then another, and so on.:confused:



random thunk coming from front right when turning sharp at low speeds

rolling further when put in park

if i drive it for over 30 min 16 flashes next time i start it


Things I did before trans issue-

rotors, pads, front cv, front bearings, ball joints


things i did after-

changed a/t fluid a few times

inflated tires to spec


I dont know how many of you who's post's I have read are still on here, but I appreciate all I have learned on here so far. I look forward to chatting with you about what my next step is!

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Ehhhh I can't remember brand. That could be it, they were super cheap off of rockauto. What doesn't make since is the lack of resistance when checking the connector going to transmission. Maybe they all melted and are shorting?
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