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2009 Legacy 2.5i

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XXR 555 17x8 +35

205/50/17 goin to a 40 when these wear out

K Sport coilovers lowered to 25" ground to center fender edge

Rolled/pulled front fenders & it didn't turn out well. Didn't need to pull them anyway, just rolling them would have worked. I'll be buying new fenders before I paint it.

Whiteline Adj Alloy Front Strut Tower Brace 31749652_10211807443524702_400418594120269824_o.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=b4d434d893eba386c7da9180a10e44ce&oe=5B603D60









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Can I assume the 2.5i doesn't come with fog lights? Which means those inserts are stock?


They do. It just depends on model. I have a 2.5i and I have fogs. I've seen base models without them, some premiums have them and then the limiteds I think all have them.

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