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84001AJ01F vs 84001AJ01G

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Just part number revisions for pre-facelift left USDM headlight assemblies:


84001AJ01F - Legacy/Outback. Left. To 1/10

84001AJ01G - Legacy/Outback. Left. From 5/10


Replaces: 84001AJ01A, 84001AJ01B, 84001AJ01C, 84001AJ01D, 84001AJ01E


G seems to be the last/final revision until they came out with the post-facelift vanilla all-chrome and special appearance package (partial black-out) headlights.


No idea what they changed or why, the headlights will function the same, same sockets, wiring, connectors, specs, looks/feel. Maybe a screw was changed from one made in Malaysia to one made in Greece or instead of Chrome finish # 1123 the factory which lays it onto the plastic switched to Chrome # 1125 lol

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