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Isc coilovers

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I cannot speak from experience with the Legacys but I had ISC coilovers on my previous car, a first generation Mazdaspeed3. I got their Street Sport coilovers and weren't too impressed with them. The dampers and springs did not feel matched at all and made for a pretty harsh ride. I had my car relatively slammed so the high spring rates limited travel which was the only thing going for it. Also with winter use (seeing how you're in San Leandro you probably won't have this issue), they were seized after a single winter.


Honestly with coilovers, the saying you get what you pay for holds pretty true. The only entry level coilovers I've had alright experiences are BC Racing BRs and Fortune Auto 500s. If you don't necessary need the height adjustability, I would recommend going for upgraded struts and lowering springs. This was the route I was planning on going until I found a deal on a used set of KW V2s.

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