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08 2.5i Rebuild Opinions

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I am in the process of going through my options to keep my car alive. I currently have a 2008 Legacy 2.5i and it needs an engine rebuild or new engine. I was wondering if there was any way to pull a bit more power out of the engine during the rebuild process. Not looking for crazy numbers, just a tad more than it comes stock. The car is going to need an engine replacement or rebuild regardless but I was just checking to see if anyone else has gone through this process and could give any insight/ opinions as to what route I should go during the rebuild. TIA
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want more power.?


replace the engine you have with one just like it,


sell the car, and buy a H6 or a turbo.


the problem: the EJ253 even modded up,

....there is not a lot left on the table so you can spend $$$$ on it, and get 10-15hp.


vs. just trading it for a 250hp car. or a 2001-2004 H6 with 212hp.

and saving your wallet, and sanity.




and few people bother rebuilding the short block internals of EJ253. vs. just grabbing up another unused one for $1500, a junkyard longblock,

or a bench built longblock.


what happened to your old engine? (in this year, they typically just leak oil externally until someone does simple head gasket work on them).

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I was happy with my power level before. I was just curious to see if it was worth doing a little extra work to make it better than before.


I want this car to last quite a bit longer after the rebuild, which is why I haven't entertained the idea of selling it right after the rebuild to get a gt for the same price with more miles and only last a few more years.


In regards to my old engine, I was pulling off the highway when CEL came on, pulled over immediately, saw oil everywhere and had it towed to the shop. From there it was diagnosed with an oil leak from front timing cover and a bad knock.


I appreciate the input!

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Subaru made the EJ253 with nothing left on the table power wise, great for moving people not so great for moving the peak HP number :). The best dollar:hp mod is forced induction. That car with a rebuilt engine is still less worth the the overall cost of that type of mod.


You'll already be into the car more that its worth post rebuild so you should make the choice to part ways or rebuild first, then after that, if you want to spend $2K extra for things like HCPs, Delta Cams, associated valvetrain parts etc etc. All the high CR EJ251/3s i've been around cost a lot to build and were for AutoX, sand rails or they got it for cheap and threw together a block and head combo as a proof.

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