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Large oil consumption question?

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30000 miles ago I replaced my turbo with a brand new VF52, I have just noticed about 3000 miles ago I am going threw a quart of oil about every 200 miles. I removed the screen from the banjo bolt also when I put in the new VF 52 turbo. I have car apart and found large oil dripping from under the turbo coming from the turbo inlet into the turbo and dripping down and touching everthing in its path to the ground. I threw code P0021 when I was 2 and half quarts low. Thought maybe OCV? PCV has never been changed, car has 91000 miles on it and this motor has about 57,000 on it. Running 17.5 to 18 lbs of boost give or take. My ringlands bad? Turbo seal maybe? Would removing the screen from the banjo cause that much extra flow for a large oil buildup under the turbo? Car is apart with turbo off. Do I need to put back together for a compression check? And if so can a link be sent to me so I can do this correctly please. Was unable to find it when searching. Ty for all input. No power loss,no shaft play.







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The little hose from the block to the pcv is probably split, I had huge oil loss issues until I found that problem. You need like 2" of fuel/oil rated hose, a local speed shop gave it to me free.
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This hose is part of my new PCV assembly. Hose there looks fine, the oil is either coming out of the turbo in front of the turbo inlet where they meet or I have a engine problem. I do see slight oil inside turbo on either end.
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