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Plug and play features

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So I have been wondering.


I installed the fog light kit and was delighted to see the the wires were already ran for everything. I only needed to install a relay, switch, and bulbs. It just works.

When installing them, I had to pull the bulb harness out of some tape and plug it in


I've seen other harnesses taped up with blue tape.


So my question is what if any other features are there that are similar? I.e. what else can I just plug a relay and a module in and it just works?

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I can't say if this is case for the 6th gen, but in my 5th gen the tweeters were plug-n-play. My 2017 has the HK system so I cannot check. But it would take all of 30 seconds to pop off the speaker grill on the dash and find out.


I'm not an audio pro, but I added those to the base 4 speaker system in my 2010 and thought it was a really good improvement in my opinion.

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