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1998 30th Ann. Legacy Outback Ltd - GT or No?

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Hey Guys,


I just got this car (yes, I know it's older!) but it runs pretty well and is very nice inside and has all service records.


I do need to replace the front bumper and grill, someone had broken the grill purposefully (hacksaw) to put some extra lights on the side and had beat up the bumper pretty good.


My VIN position reads as OUTBACK SUS. I would assume this leaves me as a NON-GT, but I know nothing about how Subaru brands, and was not so readily convinced about the 30th LTD. version and no site has that distinction. My VIN is below, does someone have the ability to decisively say not before I drop a few hundred on wrong parts?




Super appreciative for *you* just reading this far :)



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You are a BG, or 1st/2nd Gen outback wagon (some people count them differently), and the "8" is Outback/SUS. Outback is the wagon, SUS is the sedan (Sport Utility Sedan). Legacy GT is different than Outback. You need a bumper from a 96-99 Outback.


(note: if you want more confusing, I used to have a '99 30th Anniversary LTD Outback Wagon)


Welcome to Subaru :-D

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