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Hi from a new guy with a new to me LegacyGT

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Just wanted to say Hi officially. been lurking around here for a while when i started looking for a legacy GT. I have since found this 2005 Legacy GT 5mt. She currently has 192,000mi, stock motor and turbo. I put on a X-force exhaust which im very happy with! Tein flexZ coilovers, new mevotech lower front control arms, new bremmer kraft br09 18x8 wheels and cooper zeon 225/40/18's and a handful of maintenance type items. Next i need an up-pipe, down-pipe and a clutch..


Here is the first day i got her



and as it sits now


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Sweet Legacy man! i got an 05 RBP with 162k on the clock, and 45k on the jdm ej20y swap.


with 192k i would of done timing first. its a safe measure with them miles. Its really not that hard to do your self. I did my Fozy, yeah took me a weekend. but timing was spot on! I did my Legacy as well, honestly i do it to all my Subaru's i buy with in the first week lol and check your turbo for play too.


Up pipe, and down pipe will most likely require a tune. You can use COBB access port, or get with a open source tuner.

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