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Help needed McIntosh Head unit HVAC


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I have a subaru outback BP MY 2008 LHD with the standard oem audio system and the dual zone climate; I‘d like to change the headunit to a Mcintosh PF 4113I togehter with the power amp EF 1082. For a first test, I installed the headunit with the harness of the car, and I am faced with the problem, missing some functions of the climate control i.e. no display of the temperature, some control displays (LED‘s) dont work etc. The Mcintosh unit is has single zone climate control - can this problem be solved ) adapter, rewiring etc.)?

Another problem is the FM range of the Mcintosh - is has the JDM standard. Has someone experience withe range expanders?


thanks to all



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I had McIntosh PF 4113l in my exLegacy.


Single zone climate controls will not work in dual mode for sure. Usually these facelift Mcintoshes are sold with climate controls as single unit, however, it's a standalone unit. If you can live with single zone controls, just replace burned off LEDs or try to find McIntosh supportive climate control unit - but it will be hard as these usually sold as one unit. My EU legacy JDM climate controls wiring was plug and play and everything worked fine. Perhaps you need to compare JDM & Canadian climate controls wirings to conclude is this an issue with wiring or climate control unit is defective.


FM range can be solved only with frequency converter, try to look it on Ebay. It will just convert frequency but Japanese frequency will be shown anyway.


Australian version of Mcintosh has a switchable FM range, but this unit has no MiniDisk.


My dual zone JDM McIntosh from my ex Legacy is still collecting dust..

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