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Cubby Gauge


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Thought I'd share my progress on my gauge install. I originally had this din panel fabbed at a stereo shop I use for work (body shop). To make a long story short, the gauge (ebay Megan racing boost) somehow ended up getting damaged and was no longer calibrated to zero when gauge was off. On top of that, the din panel finish was kinda splotchy. Needless to say, I was less than satisfied so I decided to redo the job. Found a Defi D from a member on NASIOC for a decent price and I refinished the din panel today. I should have it installed later this week.


Before (splotchy finish)



After (My refinish job)



Din Panel out of cubby


Din panel mounted in cubby (from Top)



From top with gauge (door closed)



gauge mounted






not sure if I will keep this setup.....thinking of it as more of a temporary fix.....just wanted to see if it (angled pod w/funcional cubby door) could be done....and yup, it's facing right at the driver.....the positioning of the pod on this panel is there to accomodate a second pod/gauge down the road if desired....so I may end up re-fabing the din panel again for an EGT or AF gauge....

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Guest *Jedimaster*
I've thought about doing the same thing- except since I only want a boost gauge, I'd make a pocket where the other gauge isn't for storage.
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Looks great...


Two questions:


1. What angles are you using to get the gauge right at the driver? Do you angle down and left to just to the left? Do you have a CAD drawing (or any other technical drawing) of it?


2. What material is it made out of?


I know you did not make it, but do you have this information?


I want to make a dual cubby mount that will fit 60mm (therefore I must loose the door), that is angled toward the driver.


thanks for your time...

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thanks guys


no tech drawings, sorry....we just eyeballed it....the piece itself is partical board. on the third pic down where the pod is out of the cubby laying down, you can see the slivers of wood used create the angle. the rest of the shaping was done with bondo believe it or not...that's why there are some imperfections (sand scratches) if you look close.

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Nice job, I like the fact that you angled it and kept the door usuable. I rarely use the cubby, although I find on occasion I put my wallet in there. I am sure the angle you are running is similar to the headunit angle. That would look really nice for that stock look. Great job.
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^ Just pull. :) It'll be a bit reluctant to pop-loose the first time, but it's just a matter of muscle.


Thanks to brother LGTer and good neighbor mbrink for showing me this trick on his LGT! :)

<-- I love Winky, my "periwinkle" (ABP) LGT! - Allen / Usual Suspect "DumboRAT" / One of the Three Stooges

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