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Anyone have shots of the 2018 spoiler?


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I was thinking of adding on the spoiler accessory to my planned factory order for either an 18 or 19 leg. Anyone mind taking a few shots of it? I'm leaning towards Crystal Black Silica but also considering the new Magnetite Gray Metallic. Would also be going the route of the 3.6R regardless of color.
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The lip spoiler is subtle, and I really like it.




Thanks, yeah, I do like the subtle look. There's no LED brake light in there like in previous years, right? I believe someone mentioned that there wasn't but not sure if they were looking at the 18 or not.



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Mine doesn't have the lip spoiler above the rear window. Maybe that's a 3.6R thing.


Here's the other one...at the top of the rear window.


https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4444/38034858436_4e155f9cfd_c.jpg' alt='38034858436_4e155f9cfd_c.jpg'>LtBack by joetide, on Flickr[/img]

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