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Front Diff - 2005 LGT fluid

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Mine is coming up on 100K and it has come to my attention I need to think about changing out the front differential fluid. This is a 5spd automatic car.


Is the fluid used in the front differential the same part number and type as in the rear differential? I want to go OEM as I did on the rear. How many quarts required?


This car has a yellow dip stick it appears on the passenger side for the front differential. I assume you fill from that port? Or is there an overfill hole you fill from as in the rear diff?

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You can use the same type of differential oil for front and rear diffs. Any gear oil that meets the spec will work, best for most climates is a 75W-90 GL-5 synthetic gear oil. Motul 300, Redline, Castrol, Valvoline, any good brand really.


You need a Torx T70 bit to remove the drain plug. Refill through the dipstick hole. It takes about 1.5 quarts for the turbo cars. To avoid overfilling, add a little less and check the dipstick. If you overfill, you can remove the excess through the dipstick hole with a suction gun.


The maintenance interval is every 30K miles. It is easy to do and will help your car to last.

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