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Block Heater 2012 3.6r Ltd

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Hey Guys,


First time posting here, been reading for a bit here and there as I've just recently foraged into the world of DIY car repairs to help save some cash. I'm not overly familiar with cars but am starting to find my way around an engine bay. I recently relocated to the Canadian rockies and will need to use my block heater this winter. My question for you gracious folks here is: where can I find my block heater cord, and if I do NOT have a block heater cord where can I find the plug-in for this on the block.

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Welcome! Good to see the MY and engine mix since the parts you need differ between engine and pre/ppst facelift flavors.


In the case of a 5th gen 3.6R its easier as all use the same block heater...

Part # A091SXA000


Search for genuine accessories to get the subaru part numbers and then google for that part number pdf to get all the info you need from the installation instructions.


For a sample: https://www.google.com/url?q=http://www.subaruoutback.org/forums/attachments/gen-4-2010-2014/21518d1321191370-11-ob-block-heater-question-block-heater.pdf&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwii-YfA3rLXAhXI54MKHY8DDmsQFggLMAA&usg=AOvVaw02YUDAxj8mgGVzZF_vx0Nu


Aside from the block heater, consider a battery warmer and maybe a different battery with much higher CCAs and slightly higher AHr ratings. Good luck.

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Do you know for sure that you car has a block heater?

Did you buy the car new and have this dealer installed, or did the previous owner tell you that the heater was installed?


Otherwise, if you don't have a block heater cord, it's because you don't have a block heater.


If you wish to install the block heater yourself, you can.

Let us know

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