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Fuse box junction pics

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Hey all,I've searched this site and Googled,and I can't find anything useful. I'm trying to upgrade the cables that:

1. come off the alternator and go into the engine compartment fuse box

2. Come out of the fuse box and go to the battery.

They disappear into the fuse box and I don't know how they connect inside the box and what kind of ends they use since I've never seen any pics of what it looks like in there (under all the fuses). Don't want to experiment or break anything (or spend any money on new cables) until I know what it looks like in there. Any one have any pics?

Thanks,Zack K.

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The service manual may help.


I think your the first to do this.

Thanks, that's the first place I looked,but there's only a wiring diagram in there.

I was studying the manual a month before I bought my LGT,lol.

I might have to bite it and either try to open it up, or get a used one from a junkyard to play with. I usually wind up doing things people don't do,or tell me can't be done,lol.


Zack K.

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