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leather seats

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Hey guys,


Quick question on the leather experts in this forum. The black leather is fairly soft in all parts of my car, except for the passenger seat, which feels abnormally stiff/hard in the passenger side Can anyone recommend a quality leather product that I can use to soften the leather without damaging it?

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If you check autogeek.net, there are plenty of cleaners and conditioners out there.


In the past, I've used Wolfgang's stuff, which worked really well (no greasy/slippery mess), even on the perforated leather in the Legacy. Just have to be careful, when applying it, so as to not clog up the holes. This is a link to the wolfgang duo - https://www.autogeek.net/wolfgang-leather-combo.html


This go round, I purchased some Griot's Garage 3-in-1 leather care (https://www.autogeek.net/griots-leather-3-in-1.html), rather than 2 separate Wolfgang products, but, have to find a couple of hours to apply it. I did test it in one not so 'conspicuous' area, on the rear seat, and it too did not leave behind any greasy residue. More to come, on this product, once I get to applying it.


One thing I will say, is, do not store this, or any liquid, in the garage. After some time in the Florida heat, the product became useless. Now, I keep it all in a closet inside the house. ;)

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Here's some pics, that may help, in case anyone was on the fence about Griot's Garage 3 in 1 (linked above), or 303 uv protector (http://www.autozone.com/interior-detailing-and-car-care-products/protectant/303-16-oz-automotive-protectant/626099_0_0).


If you have a sensitive nose, the griot's stuff is pretty 'stiff' in terms of the odor...clean, but, stiff for lack of a better word. May need to air it out while driving for a bit. I think the Wolfgang stuff had a similar odor, but, slightly softer. Seats are nice and soft, as well as clean, no doubt. Use one mf cloth (or foam pad) to apply in circular motion and one mf towel to wipe off any excess (Miyagi style!). A little bit goes a long way here. The bottle is nice, in that the top 'pulls' to open and 'press' to close, less mess. Long run? I don't know. Will wait till bottle is done, and compare again, to Wolfgang, or perhaps Pinnacle.


The 303 stuff that I applied to the doors/plastics, not much odor that I could tell (side effect of griot's stuff, maybe :confused:)...but, applies easily, as does the leather stuff. Spray on microfiber cloth/foam pad, wipe on/work in, and wipe off excess with a dry mf cloth. Done.


iPhone pics, so, not the greatest quality. Yet, if you can't tell a difference in the before/after, that's probably a good thing. My son sits in the back seat, so, the drivers' seat back was pretty dirty. Now, protected...and I'll make sure he takes his shoes off! :lol:







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