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My car, want suggestions :)

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Hi everyone, im new here on the forums wishing to learn more about the legacy in general.

I own a Legacy GL 95, done some small things with it like mounting a subwoofer, getting projector headlights, crashed and fixed it 3 times so Yeah [emoji14] And by the way can someone explain me why i cant find the model GL anywhere online?


Also someone knows where i can buy a front bumper like the one in the picture im including? (Silver car) 01436ef27e0d215d3ab87738a7705933.jpg6850cc74e18c71ce466d77fd5d7b8b70.jpgff3373b2e964eaa5c9d8f74d041839c3.jpg


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Welcome to the forums man. If you can get a hold of a gt they have that front bumper, some side skirts, as well as some skirts that are on the rear. They also have the hood scoop and depending on your current interior they have this nice dark black and grey stuff
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