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Caliper Bracket Bolt Help

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Yesterday I went to do front pads, rotors and calipers on my 99 Legacy L Wagon. Aka Ruby. Driver's side went off without any problems. Went to do the passenger side and the caliper bracket bolts are so rusted that who ever tried to do them before rounded them off. And the top bolt was broken. Was wondering if the knuckle is threaded or are the threads just in the bracket? Was thinking of just cutting the bottom bolt and getting a used bracket from the junk yard and new bolts from the dealership. If anyone has had this problem and has some insight, please let me know how you fixed it. Thanks in advance everyone.
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When you get a reman caliper from the auto parts store, you'll see how it bolts on.


I just replaced all the calipers on both my 4th Gen's.


Easy job with the right tools.


You should be able to cut the bolt head. you may have to remove the caliper from the bracket, then the rotor and bracket at the same time, or just cut it off where you need and loose the cord charge.


Use anti-seize compound on all the threads. Even the lug nuts.

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Best $60 i spent was on a complete kit of Irwin Bolt Extractors. I bought the first kit for $29.99 at O'Reilly's that came with the case and initial 5 extractors that range from 11mm to 16mm. The expansion kit was another $29.99 and came with sizes up to 3/4". I used them to remove the AVCS cam bolts on an EJ207. Find the size that will get a decent bite and take a sledge and hammer it on. It bites into it with relative ease and takes the bolt out.


Also, to combat rust, mix equal parts of ATF and Acetone, spray it onto the bolt, and let it sit a couple hours. Take care to not get it on paint. It literally is the best anti-seize I've found. I've used that concoction on 20 year old exhaust manifold bolts that were rusted and heat hardened themselves together. Within 24 hours the bolts came free with ease.

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