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Legacy Spec B is here at Belknap Subaru


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The long wait is over we just got the first of two 2006 Legacy Spec B in stock. I will post pictures as soon as it is clean for the showroom. If you would like more info please contact Chuck or Anthony at 1-800-358-4029. This car would make a nice early Christmas Present.



Belknap Subaru


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Lol, I doubt any bastardizing on this car......I also doubt there will be many discounts on a car like this. I guess it all depends on the demand for this model. I personally don't see it being that great of a deal, but then again, I am looking for a more power and more tunability. This car from what I understand, has a few different body mouldings, wheels, springs/shocks? and does it come with navi too? So I guess when it comes to content, rareity and value for these items, in the end it could be worth it....but not to me....what do you guys think?


I think it should have crossed the magical 300hp mark!

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