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Ipod for my 06 suby, what are my options?

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Itunes? in the Subaru?



do you recommend Itrip? or head over to radio shack and find a way to plug it into the car?


options? what's worked? what hasn't?


really don't want to use the "cassette adapter" b/c it's terrible!


Ideas, options, and thoughts welcome.


It's going into a 2006 Subaru Outback 2.5i





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um, do you even have a tape player in your outback to plug a cassette adapter into?


as for the Itrip, we have one that we use in the Mazda and it works great for what it is (wireless transmitter..) - sounds like a decent FM station. Not as good as i've gotten with the tape adapter in other cars.



In my car, I use a Wired FM modulator for my XM radio. Again, sounds okay, but not great. Better than the Itrip.


if you want CD quality check these threads:






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when i was working at radioshack i had an oppurtunity to try the Monster one and its very good compared to the itrip they also have a monster one specifically for teh ipod that will charge it and act as a radio transmitter at the same time. only problem is with monster cables you are looking at 50-70 dollars the one that doesn't charge it is like 50 and the one that does is like 70
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Nice, that's good to know b/c if you can't do the Dension "ice-link" as you could in my audi S4 avant, it would seem like that's the "next best thing" and at that price point, makes good sense and I would assume is a much better quality of output than say a tape player type scenario.





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Damn, that is hot. the little wheel control is cool.


Pair that up with one of the LGT.com mods to the factory stereo for a line in... Install the Spec B's steering wheel with audio controls, a cleansweep, Amp, and some nice drivers, and I'd be in bizniz, and sounding great!


The only thing is... I hate cluttered up dashboards... This H-K ipod screen bit might go well being put in the center cubby above the stereo... But that precludes the installation of the Subie accessory gauges in that location.


I'd rather have a Defi BF boost guage anyway, but then where to put the controller, and the guage is stuck to the dash with an ugly bracket... and it isn't much different than having the Subie gauges installed well, and the h-k ipod screen stuck to the dash...


Oh, well... I am sure there will be more options for this stuff by the time I am ready... I don't even have the car yet... But I do want to put my iPod in it almost immediately when I do get it.

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