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Turbo oil drain hose

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Can someone please tell me the part number of the VF40 oil drain hose or what ever kind of tubing I can replace it with? I killed my turbo and am in the process of replacing it. While man-handling the old turbo, after getting it out, I cracked the rubber hose that drops straight down from the turbo to the engine. I am only assuming it's the oil return hose. I'm not 100% certain. All I know is it cracked just below the metal tube portion of the bolt on flange it slides onto.


Thanks in advance


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Some say you can get a oil resistant hose from the auto parts store...


Yup, this is what I did, it will save you time and money. Just take in the remaining hose to your local auto part store and have them match it up to another oil feed hose (1 foot, cut to fit), you'll be good to go. Make sure to buy new clamps too. Cost me about $5.00 for hose and clamps.

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