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Interior Illumination

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I have a 2011 legacy with 14,000 miles on it. Low miles, no body damage besides the year it's basically a new car (in my opinion). I've tinted the windows, and i'll be swapping out the horrid wood trim to silver next week. I really want to make it my own but the problem is I have no idea what the hell i'm doing or what I need so please be easy on me. So here's the short of it, I'm interested in buying an interior illumination kit but i'm confused because there are two different ones online, H7010AJ000 and H7010AJ100. Either i'm slow or I'm blind because I can't seem to find anywhere that explains what the difference is between the two and both are basically the same price. I'm hoping that someone can explain this to me.

Oh and i'll be getting this installed at a dealer, it's just cheaper for me to buy the parts myself.

Thanks in Advanced. =)

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Contact the dealer you intend to purchase the parts from, or show your local dealer how cheap you can get the parts online and ask them to price match knowing they might get the work to install it. Have several dealers quote it as most are soulless pond scum and will try to screw you out of every penny in your cup holders and under your back seat cushion.


Plan "b", search here and ask questions, go Commando and do it yourself and/or get involved in your local Subaru clubs and you might find some helpful folks.

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The difference in the part numbers may be the color, red or blue.


Don't pay a massive amount to get the OEM illumination kit. Its just a few leds.




Also, click in my sig on my build thread. I did the cupholders recently (haven't finished it yet) but it looks awesome.

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