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Newbie with a question on coilovers?

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I've had planned a few (small) ideas on what I want to start doing with my car (2008 2.5i), but never really considered coilovers because I lack knowledge on them.


-What are all of the parts I need to buy in order to have an installer install them?

-What are extenders, and do I need them?

-What price range am I looking at for good coilovers? (Good ride comfort, handling, etc.) I'm looking for the best I can get.

-Last question, how many inches is this Legacy lowered? This is how low I'm looking to go.


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I think in general most people agree that you're looking at around $900-$1,000 to decent coilovers. Good is subjective but if you want "the best you can get" coilovers you're looking at more like $1,600-$2,000.


I run BC BR coilovers on my GT and I'm pretty happy with them. They're 32 way adjustable dampening and I keep them on the softest setting because the roads are kind of bad where I live. Consequently it still has a little body roll but feels WAY better than it did stock. I also bought adjustable rear control arms in order to get the alignment within spec (you will need to have the car aligned after installing the new suspension). I think you can just get a camber bolt instead or something as a cheaper alternative to all out adjustable rear control arms. I think I bought Whiteline ones (KTA124).


Another thing to consider is that I got some flack on the forum for running coils in Michigan because of all the salt. I guess they don't hold up to rust well because of all the adjustable parts. It could also be worth looking into like ... I forget what the combo people run is. Konis and pinks or whatever. There's a few popular combos actually as a desirable alternative to coilovers.


Don't bother with the search functionality on the forum. Use Google:

" site:Legacygt.com lowering springs koni pinks " or whatever search you want to do with the site:Legacygt.com keyword included.


Also, as far as handling goes - I think it's also looking at a rear sway bar and better end links. Do some searching.


One more thought - Do you really want to start sinking thousands of dollars into a non turbo Legacy? It will never be fast. You can make it loud and handle better for a good amount of money but that's it. This is an obligatory warning because this comes up a lot on the forum.

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I appreciate the advice. I was looking into lowering springs as well, but living in Jersey with all the snow, I'd need to be able to lower and raise the car when needed.


And I get the problem with a 2.5i but I have no intention of modifying the engine right now. I have enough disposable money right now to throw at this car. I've thought for a while about trading in the car and looking at getting an Infiniti Q50 Red Sport, but everytime I walk out of the car and look back I just can't bring myself to do it. Been through too much with this car to just trade it in, wouldn't sit right with me.

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