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Tyre choice for 2005 Subaru 3.0R wagon

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Just thought I would post this for some feedback.


The car is a 2005 Subaru 3.0R wagon with the 6 speed manual transmission and full Bilstein factory suspension and the factory 18 alloys that are 7 inches in width. Its the JDM version at 184kW or 250Hp.


The existing tyres are 215/45R18 however I'm looking at changing to 225/45R18 for several reasons.


1. There is much better performance tyre choice in 225.

2. The Speedo reads about 4% fast compared to GPS on the 215's.

3. I want slightly more ground clearance, the front scrapes on the driveway

4. I want better alloy rim protection.

5. The rim can take a 225 tyre with no issues.


Just interested in any feedback you have on tyres. My probably choice would be something like the Bridgestone RE003. Currently its fitted with cheap KinForest K550 and I thought these would be total rubbish but the combination of 18inch and 4 wheel drive really makes up in part for this.

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I have been running 225/45's Continental DWS on both my cars for years now. Great tire and a good cost point.

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I had Pirelli P Zero Nero A/S on my 3.0R in the stock 215/45/18 size. They were pretty good. But there is a new version of those out that is supposed to be even better. I now have the Continental DWS06 on the car in a 235/45/17. I like them as well.
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Done quite a bit of research and read plenty of reviews and the Bridgestone RE003 comes out near the top.


Issues we have in New Zealand is the market size and not all the available sizes get brought into the country. Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec for example, looks like it is not brought in.


I wouldn't hesitate to put a set of Toyo R888's on the Subaru, running a set of these on the MR2 and its rear wheel drive only. Problem is they don't make the 225/45R18 at all.


Yokohama Advan AD08R look great but the price is off the planet, you just cannot justify what looks like $500 a tyre when the current Kinforest KF550 tyres are available in 225/45R18 for only $115 each !.

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