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no boost wont go over 2500rpm

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2005 subaru legacy gt- fmic stock turbo catless up pipe catless turbo back.

having a issue with my car sounds like its in limp mode but not sure.

i came across a new vf52 installed it my car did not want to go past 2500 rpms and boost gauge didnt go past -10. Idles fine no CEL... i took of the turbo put my stock one back because my car was running fine before i took it off. now its doing the exact same thing. in neutral wont rev past 4rpm when i drive it wont go past 2500rpm NO CEL. checked vacuum lines, hoses, tb sensor, pedal sensor, cleaned MAF, no rags stuck anywhere, turbo inlet fine, blue T all fine, cleaned connectors with electrical cleaner, checked 02 sensors, waste gate good, reset ecu with AP changed to stock map stage 1 and stage 2, disconnected battery pump brakes so far still same issue

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Are you putting a tune on your modified car. If not, the very best future will bring you much sadness and financial woes. Have you researched your experiment?


Sorry very near future.


i was going to tune it with the vf52 but for now im only using the stage to on AP

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