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2017 track day(s)


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Hey all,


Sounds like Franz and Mattias are considering a track day later this year. I'm also considering it after finishing up with some new parts and maybe a new tune.


Anyone else down?


Franz I think mentioned interest in Thunderhill. , Mattias I would suggest that one for you for your 1st track day as it's very noob friendly with lots of runoff.


Then maybe later in the year we can go to Sonoma or Laguna Seca on a high sound limit day :lol:


Anyone have target dates in mind yet (Mattias and Franz)? I need some time to get the new turbo in + tune + alignment.

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I'm hoping to have the car somewhat ready end of May, there's a vacation in mid June to early July, and then I'm hoping for 1-3 track days over the summer..
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Depending on when I can be convinced to bring the Miata out. I have a lot going on right now and need to replace a wheel bearing before I can track it again. If nothing else I'll come out with my camera.

2003 Baja 5MT

2016 Outback 2.5i Premium w/Eyesight

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