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Legacy Wagon Tail Light Removal and ACME LED Light Install

Blue Shark

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So after one of my tail light bulbs went out I decided it was time for an upgrade. The stock tail light bulbs don’t cut it for me. I ended up getting the Acme “Redrocket” LED bulbs and they are really bright! I also didn't like most install guides on how to remove these tails since my sedan was so much easier to do, so here is a very detailed example with stuff most others were missing.


I purchased these LED bulbs for a great price on theretrofitsource.com I also bought my awesome Mirimoto HID kit from them. Both times have been amazing quality, i'd give them a look! I may do a post-install write up for my HID kit also.


LINK for Acme Redrocket 7443 bulbs: https://www.theretrofitsource.com/7443-acme-redrocket-51532.html


Removing Tail light and installation instructions for 05-09 (BP) Legacy Wagons:


1) Tools:

One 10mm socket with a wrench

One tool of choice to help remove stubborn plastic rivets

One medium sized Phillips screwdriver

One kit of bulbs (I suggest these Acme bulbs from theretofitsource.com)


Tail Light Bulb Size: 7443 (Running light and Brake light are integrated with these)




2) Pre Install Notes:

BE SURE to check your bulbs are working after you plug them in, they are positive and negative sides and it does matter which way you orient the bulbs. If you do it wrong your running lights wont work, and your brake lights won't come on. Be sure to test bulbs before putting everything back together (I made that mistake).


3) Install:


A) Open hatch


Imagine a Picture of me opening the hatch.


B) Remove two screwdriver type plastic screws. I find the best way is to screw them just enough to get under the "screw" part with a flathead or other tool and pop them up and out.




C) Remove plastic shroud. I found the best way to do it is pry right in the middle of the headlight (picture below) and pull to the inner hatch and pull towards you, it should slide right out.


WARNING - Make sure to be careful when pulling the piece out, the plastic piece that slides between the guide were broken already on mine. Careful when pulling, this is not a real needed part but could be annoying if you're like me and picky about that stuff. (Second below)






D) Remove two 10mm bolts top and bottom




E) Only two clips now hold the tail light in. Slide the tail light towards you, the two oval clips to hold it in without screws, just be gentle but firm and it should pop right out. (See picture below if you want to see what they look like)




F) I just held the headlight while the blinker and marker were still connected. Unless you are replacing ALL bulbs it's easier to hold. Remove bulbs you need and replace while holding tail light. Be sure to not directly touch your bulb, if you do you will need to clean them with alcohol wipes.


Circled is the Tail Light bulb area (MAY VARY ON WAGON YEAR)






4) Post Install


These bulbs are friggin BRIGHT! I'm glad I upgraded to LED, these were well worth the money. I'll upload post night pictures down below. These LED's produce 450 lumens of light, i'd say about 3x as bright. Pictures don't really do justice.





Thanks for reading!


Note: I am not an employee or work for The Retrofit Source. I've just used them twice now and really like their shipping times, prices, and how they hold the highest quality products.

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