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Oil Control Valve problem-HELP

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Was really hoping someone could help or has seen this problem. About a month ago, while tracking down what turned out to be a bad exhaust valve, I threw a P2092 code that kept popping up "OCV open circuit bank 2". So I tried pulling the OCV to clean it with some power lube. Moved freely but it still threw the code. So I swapped drivers and passenger side OCVs and the problem went away. A few days later I tore the motor down to have the heads rebuilt.


So this weekend I get it back together. Runs fine for two days and this morning I threw a P2088 code. Same code as before but only bank 1 now (turbo side). So tonight I pulled both again and cleaned them both and swapped which side I put them back in. Immediately get P2092 which means the code followed the OCV. So I initially thought just get a new OCV. However here is where I'm confused.


When the code was on the passenger (turbo) side, if I monitored both left and right OCV duty % they both went from around 9% at idle and stayed around 47-50% while cruising on the highway. However once I swapped the valves to the opposite sides (code on the drivers side bank) BOTH OCV duty % never leave 9% regardless of throttle input and load.


So not knowing enough about the OCV system, what could be cause this? I just assumed that if one valve was bad, that one would have % errors and the other valve would be fine. Are they somehow tied to each other??


After having the car down a month for a turbo and head rebuild it is driving me absolutely nuts to have ANOTHER damn code thrown. Would appreciate any input. Just want to have a better idea before I blindly throw even more money at the car.

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In the back of the service manual there is a section for how things work,




May be that will help...

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