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Computer not finding accessport

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Hey guys.

so I have a v1 Accessport that came with my 05 LGt and i am trying to load a stage 2 map onto it. I have all the cables to connect it to my laptop (bought a 9 pin serial to usb adaptor) and when I have everything plugged in and hit connect. it says no accessport found. anyone know what I can do??


Side story. A guy bricked my ecu trying to do a stage 2 opensource... didnt warn me it could happen until after I had driven an hour and a half to meet him and we were sitting in the car about to start... FML

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Run far away from a v1 Accessport. They are known to brick ECU's and there is a reason that COBB doesn't support them anymore. Get a V2 or V3.


Did writing to the ecu fail and then was disconnected before a second attempt was made? I've had it happen a couple times that my write to ecu failed when opensource tuning and doing a second attempt at writing it worked just fine without any issues.

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I have seen posts on different forums about the V1 being too old and the components are failing (I would assume the caps go bad) and they should not be used, I believe Cobb said this directly about the older units still in circulation.


Cobb can un-brick your ECU though, if it's really bricked but you will need to send it to them.

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