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MAF or MAP or both?

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2003 "Legaja"

2003 Baja engine and 5 speed tranny inside of a 2003 legacy body


Ive read up a little bit and people are saying some 2003 subies do not have a MAF sensor? I get a reading with my scanner on both MAP and MAF.


Anyone know which sensor(s) i have? What my mass airflow rate should be?


I think one or the other needs cleaning or could be going bad.

Thanks in advance.

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got a pic of the engine - specifically the airfilter to throttle body?


2000-2004 should be MAP-only. MAF was used on the turbo models (WRX/STI, Baja and Forester XT) in '04+ and then '05+ on the 2.5 NA (non-turbo) models, too.


this LINK may help, too....w/cleaning.

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I am a little bit confused now, because rock auto and several other sites show both MAP and MAF sensors available for the 03 baja? The MAF is shown under the exhaust and emissions section... so is it in a different system that wouldn't cause problems if it went bad?
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