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a/c control module bad - how hard to find an exact replacement?

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My defroster stopped defrosting over Christmas. I thought it was the mode actuator (the actuator that decides which direction to direct the air), but replaced that and still no luck. A friend who has better knowledge of schematics and electrical helped me run a bunch of tests with a DMM and is pretty sure the problem is that the a/c control module is not sending the correct signal to the actuator.


My car (2005 LGT Limited) has the dual zone a/c and heater controls with nav. I see lots of parts cars with single zone and no nav, but very few with my setup. A brand new a/c control module looks to be about $250 from the discount subie dealers. I'm sure I can find one for $50 or less from a parts car, but want to be sure I get one that will work with my subie. Any ideas on if parts from other subies with different HVAC systems will work?


EDIT: Interestingly, the part that comes up when I search online dealers is 72343AG01B, but the part that is on my car is 72343AG01A, identical except for the letter "B" vs "A". Looks like "B" superseded "A" when I check online.





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B superseded A almost certainly but an A will work, as will a B - as long as they are good you will be good.




Use the 'What this fits' tab and it will give you a guide where else you can pull that part but there are a lot of parts that will have different part numbers in Subaru world and they are still the same... looks to me though any Legacy based platform car from 2005 to 2007 will work and you should find plenty of those. good luck.

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