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Door cup scrach protection

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does anyone have good solution for those nasty fingernail scraches on doorcups?


Last year,I had ordered doorcup protection film from Lamin-X and it was no use. Even though the website said it was specifically for 15 Legacy, the item I got was WAY larger than the actual doorcup of the Legacy. I just threw them out.


So, to this date I have no sounding solution for the scraches in doorcup and I don't want to buff them out every year.. It's gonna risk thining the clearcoat out in that area..


Does anyone have a good idea?

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I want to do this too on both my cars and my wife's new Impreza.


I'm guessing that the best solution is to have a clear bra installer do that area since they are very familiar with working the film on curves.

I can put some film on your wifes curves. no charge.

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