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Time to build a motor. Options/thoughts/help

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TL;DR - I've got a free forged block sitting in my garage. Help me make use of it.

Forged block

ARP 625 studs

EFR 6758

Killer B DIY Manifold, custom downpipe+cat

Grimmspeed TMIC

ID1000 + AEM pump

Southbend stage 2/3 clutch

Moore blast plates

Ancillary bits - Oiling, Air-oil separator, TGV delete?, crank pulley, already have Accessport, and Zeitronix wide band, etc etc etc.




So, long story short, I was gifted a forged short block as a wedding gift...Not a typical gift, but I'm not complaining, either! That leaves me with a large box in my garage just waiting to be put to use. What I need now is a direction to take this in.


The block is a unit from Woolman Performance out of Spokane, WA. One of their 'Signature Build' seen here http://www.woolmanperformance.com/services.html Standard forged rebuilt block, seems to cover the bases. I was toying with the idea of a rebuild prior to this thing arriving, and a fully forged motor is not Necessarily the direction I would have gone on my own (probably new case halves, and perhaps some 4032 pistons?) Regardless, I'm here now with this thing in a box, so I'm going to use it. I'm a mechanic by trade, I've got tools, skills, time, money, space, and multiple other vehicles to drive while this project is under way. I'm not afraid of a bit of downtime for this thing, but I do want it completed in some kind of timely manner.


What I've got to figure out now is a plan of attack. I've got a plan in my head, but any advice or experience or insults are welcome.


Power goals - I don't have a specific number as a goal. Mid 300 to high 300s? I will be tuning for 91 and e85, hopefully by our own Mr. Dave at Cryotune. Was hoping to have the Cobb flex fuel kit, but that seems to be a while out.


I'll probably be working within a couple of restraints - One, its a 5spd. I hear many differing opinions on power handling, but either way, I don't want to blow it up first pull on the dyno. I'm also a largely 'mechanically sympathetic' guy - I am not going to abuse it more than it already will be. If it does blow, well, I won't be happy, but I have the ability to rebuild it myself, or swap it and be done. I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Second, I don't have much interest in going FMIC. I've got a Grimmspeed TMIC now that I'd rather use. I am not completely closed to the idea of a FMIC, but I much prefer the packaging of a top mount.


Turbo selection - EFR 6758. This looks like a pretty good way to make some use of the forged block, but not get silly with something larger. I want response, and that turbo seems to be about the best way to achieve that. I realize there are cheaper ways to get this level of power, but I like the idea of a purpose-built turbo, rather than an amalgamation of turbo parts to achieve a goal. I intend to stay with the internal gate on that, as well, unless there's a hugely compelling reason not to. I guess the Turbosmart WG actuator is a nice upgrade on these? Any experience there?

What kind of BPV is recommended? GFB or something else?


Manifold - Killer B DIY. I don't think I'm going to be making use of the Full Race kit. Barring some kind of physical restraint I'm unaware of, I don't see any reason the KB can't be fabbed up properly. I've got a couple of different shops in my area that can get it mounted up, and a downpipe fabbed up as well. There will be some cost involved, but so will the Full Race kit. I intend to have it all SwainTech coated and wrapped prior to final installation. Gotta retain that heat...


Clutch/transmission - Southbend stage 2 endurance or stage 3 daily? Not sure which direction to go on the clutch. I'll have the factory flywheel resurfaced and balanced. I also like the idea of the Moore Performance Blast plates. I'm well aware of both sides of the argument for these - some swear by 'em, some think its a waste of money. Personally, the non-engineer in me thinks it makes sense. Anything I can do to help extend the life of the 5 speed seems reasonable to me.


Fuel - ID1000 and an AEM 320lph pump. My only hesitation would be the e85 tune. However, given the power constraints I'm working under, would 1000's be sufficient? Not sure what power level the IDC starts maxing out.


Block/heads - I've already got some ARP 625 studs to throw in when the time comes. I believe the block comes with some JE Proseal head gaskets. As far as the heads, I'll just have to wait and see what condition they come off in. I'll do whatever needs to be done as suggested by the machine shop. Or, should I just count on new valves/springs/guides/seals to begin with? Any recommendations?

I'll have the AVCS gears gone through by Outfront. Probably just replace the OCV's as a matter of course. Oil cooler will be replaced as well.

Which oil pump would you recommended for this application? Lots of different options there.

Ill replace the oil pan and pick-up as well. Wish the Killer B pan wasn't so expensive, hard to justify, tho.

How about air-oil separators? Necessary at this level? I'm afraid it would be wise to do, but sure looks like a pain in the ass. the IAG seems to be a solid option, but I'm a little worried about space constraints, especially while trying to keep the TMIC in place.

TGV delete? Should I just grab the IAG deletes and be done with it? I'm not really worried about the last ounce of power the TGV's suck up, but I've heard it helps with space under the manifold. Might be at a premium with the EFR in there.

I'll probably pick up a Fluidampr crank pulley as well. Again, I'm aware of the arguments on both sides of that, and again, the wanna-be engineer in me thinks it sounds like a good thing.

Perrin inlet. Any worries about collapse? Seems like I've read it works well. I've actually got a Cobb inlet in the garage, but I'm not sure how to make it work, tried unsuccessfully since the thing is gah-damn huge and the line locations are wonky as hell. Dont recommend...


So yeah...thoughts on the build? Is anything unreasonable? What would you build in my situation?


Thanks for the input, sorry for the novel!

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woolman perfermance sb? HOW DID YOU GET GIFTED THAT?! he prices his sb 3k for a beefy forged 650 whp build. Do the tgv deletes yourself. Plenty of diy on here and nasioc. If you got the tools 2/12 hour tops, and 300$ in your pockets. Using that turbo, with a custom intake manifold, and all those other goodies tgvs would be beneficial. What are your goals? Sounds like your building goddam monster. You got that short block for free!? lucky bastard lol
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