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Midpipe figment Cross platform wrx

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Found this


We're now releasing a Stainless 2.5" adapter pipe that allows commonly available WRX Downpipe / Front Center pipes to be used in the Legacy GT.


The pipe is executed in full 304 stainless (flanges and pipe), warranted for 25 years from workmanship and rust-through. It has a proper-sized male end to fit the factory donut flange on the Legacy GT rear center pipe (back end of the adapter). On the front end it will accomodate EITHER an aftermarket WRX front center section with the male end of the donut flange OR a flat flange (some aftermarket vendors make this flat). While this adds a bit to our production costs, we felt that it would give everyone the most flexibility in using other aftermarket WRX pipe options.


An explanation is in order:


The WRX has four exhaust sections post - turbo: 1.) downpipe (with a cat); 2.) Front Center pipe (with a cat and male end of donut flange). 3.) Rear center pipe (with female end of donut flange and resonator) and 4.) muffler.


- The distance and bolt location between a.) the turbo exit and b.) the joint between the two midpipes (#2 and #3) is made to match on the LGT by this adapter. It goes into place after WRX pipe #2 above to span the gap.


IMPORTANT: Aftermarket vendors vary on what they call the WRX downpipe. Those whose pipes match the factory sections (ScoobySport - that's us... and Stromung, and others) have a short dp that corresponds with #1 above. Others (Helix, for instance) span BOTH #1 and #2 above, yet still call it a downpipe.


The adapter that we have created allows you to use any WRX pipe or combination of pipes that combines #1 and #2 above.


Note: There are some WRX downpipes that will clear the firewall on the WRX but not clear the firewall on the LGT... for the moment ours is in this category but others will clear (we believe the Stromung clears for instance). Please do your own research on this before purchasing an aftermarket WRX downpipe... you can make anything clear by denting the firewall a little, but that is no fun




Rally Performance / ScoobySport North America




So looks like its a little long nothing that cant be fixed :)

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Anybody know if the Lgt wagon Midpipe fits a 2008-2014 wrx?


I know the downpipe does. I want if have to or have it welded to fit.


Thanks people.




I think you meant to say, you don't want it, if it has to be welded to fit ?




Sounds like that will fit, it should be a bolt on.


Most 3" DP are one piece down to under the passenger seat where it meets the mid pipe. It sounds like the cars are the same from that point back.


My Invidia DP bolts directly to my stock mid pipe with a GS 2X thick 3" gasket. I don't use the donut at that joint.


FWIW, you can see my stock mid pipe in the upper right of this,



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