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Power steering fluid ?

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Ok, I mistakenly poured brake fluid in there thinking it was my Corolla where the brake fluid reservoir was in the same exact location and noticed it said Dexron 3 on the cap afterwards. I drained it out out of the reservoir and flushed it with a bottle of "Dexron III Mercon" and also filled it up with it.


My question is what is Mercon following the Dexron III? Is it another type of completely different than Dexron III and Mercon or it's just saying that it will work in cars that uses Dexron III or Mercon? And would it be ok for me to use this? Also what is the proper way to flush out this fluid?


I see one if developed by GM and Ford.

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Plain old Dexron III/Mercon will be just fine. Mercon is another spec of fluid with very similar qualities hence why the fluid is dual rated. I actually flushed mine by using a siphon pump to suck out the fluid from the reservior, and then refill. Followed by running the engine, and with the front wheels lifted, I would slowly turn the wheel lock to lock a few times, then redo the procedure. I kept doing this until I had used up the whole qrt of trans fluid.


The other way to do it would be to drain the reservior, then disconnect the return line, and briefly start the engine, thereby pumping out the remaining fluid. Shutoff engine, reconnect the return line, and refill. I think exchanging it little by little via the 1st method is easier, and it will get the job done.

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