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poor acceleration at 1800-2400 rpm going uphill is worse


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Hello all. Looking for some input on resolving an acceleration problem on my 1999 legacy gt 2.5L I recently bought it.

It's doggin it, bogging down when jumping on the gas at lower speeds. Other than that this car runs very nice. Highway performance and passing gear response is very good. Would appreciate any input.

Thanks in advance.

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Mine did that - two things:

#1 - If it's an auto - try changing the fluid - the 4EAT is known for poor performance with dirty fluid - it's even suggested to change the fluid - then change it again in 500 miles

#2 - After I sold mine to my buddy - he went though it and found the there is a rear inspection cover that was apparently leaking oil and that was causing some sort of issue with low RPM Stumble


Could also be bad/dirty MAF - although that would be a long shot........

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