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98 outback swap


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Depends what you want to spend and how savy you are with car stuff. Lots have done it, and there are many ways to do it and it has a wide range of budgets to fit in depending what you use. Parts are the easy part. Wiring is another story. I prefer to convert cars to whatever harness the engine is from but there are splicing options which I personally dread and then there is the standalone ECU option which I am also a fan of.


I have swapped lots of different engines into lots of different Subarus and more power is always more fun so I guess thats up to you.


Id say the first thing is make sure you're doing it for the right reasons which is because you want to.


Doing it for better resale or something like that is a crapshoot unless you have done it before and know how to make that happen.


Plan it out before buying anything... Know what parts you're going to use, what they cost, maybe where you're going to get everything. Have a plan B and C just in case something sets you back. Don't assign an end date to the project you will only stress yourself out when you completely blow past it. Keep it fun and don't stress. If you plan and know what you're getting into before hand you will less likely get discouraged and loose drive to complete it.


I have seen so many guys start something, spend the cash, loose interest cuz they didn't plan and their heart wasn't in it and loose their ass when they sold it for parts.


Thats all I got.


I wish I had checked the date of this post.... lol


I already wrote it so... Good luck even though these words are proly way too late and will be seen by no one.



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