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My 2008 Legacy SpecB silver

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I recently had the opportunity to buy what I consider to be my dream car, a 2008 Subaru Legacy Spec B. I picked the car up a little while ago in Sacramento, CA. While the dealer I bought it from wasn't the best, and if it was any other car I would have told them to F off, I knew this would have been a once in a life time opportunity; there were only 2 for sale in the whole country at the time, this one and one in Florida. It came with some ugly as sin 'Drag' wheels on it, an SPT intake, and an SPT CBE.


The car didn't remain the same for very long. Here is a list of what I have put into it since I have owned it:


-Sparco Wheels

-BFG ProComp AS tires

-Grimmspeed catted DP

-BC coilovers

-Whiteline front and rear sway bars

-Kartboy endlinks

-Whiteline rear control arms

-Cobb AccessPort tuner

-Cryotune Performace Stage 2 E-Tune by Dave (http://www.cryotuneperformance.com)


So far the best thing I have done to this car has been get the stage 2 E-Tune done by Dave @ Cryotune. He unlocked so much potential to this car, it runs the way it should and it is even more of a blast to drive now. It is smooth and responsive, and really gets with it.


I've owned 5 Subaru's in my life (all Legacy's), before the Spec B I had a 2010 Legacy 2.5GT and the car just didn't feel like a Subaru to me, it was an amazing car, but it just left me wanting more. The Spec B drives, feels, and sounds like what a Subaru is suppose to, and I have fallen in love with car all over again.


Here are some pictures of the car, they aren't the best and I will work on taking some better ones.









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