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Axle Upgrade? Stronger Axles?


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I'm curious if anyone has or knows where to get stronger axles? Specifically with stronger CV joints.


I have a 2005 OBXT with 5MT. It has been a fun DD toy with aftermarket turbo/injectors/headers, suspension, bull bar, yadda yadda. While my rear axles are fine, I am quite hard on my front axles, it seems. I am not TOO surprised, given that it has a steep suspension angle, is raised with King Springs, has >300whp, has a stronger clutch, it rides on larger tires, it is frequently hauling lots of weight, and travels frequently on rough roads.


However, the frequency of axle replacement is obnoxious and I'm getting tired of the annual chore. I have broken and replaced the front axles nearly every spring since I bought it in 2010. The only time that I got 2 years out of a set was when I sprung for a brand new set of OEM Subaru axles the first time around in 2011, which were >3x the cost of aftermarket. They were nicer and lasted twice as long, but I couldn't justify the cost at that point because I didn't realize how often I would be replacing them.


I certainly drive "spirited", but I don't launch it or do anything terribly wild outside of carrying a lot of heavy gear and rack-gear with a lot of wind resistance into rough terrain on occasion. I've had a number of various cars over the years, including other manuals and forced induction cars, but I've only had to replace an axle once before on one previous vehicle (nissan maxima). I am getting tired of the annual downtime for my car and worrying about whether it is roadworthy for long trips.


I contacted the Driveshaft Shop to inquire about a set of modified or custom axles that are more robust, but I thought I would ask on here as well. Has anyone installed stronger of different axles into the 5MT? Experiences? Recommendations?

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