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Bpv options /racerX charge pipe

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Need help with which bpv I could use with the racerXchargepipe Amy suggestions


In the past, Bryan has also offered a deal on the Turbosmart Kompact if you purchase that with the charge pipe. Not sure how much off list it was. He may also carry some of the other valves mentioned.

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What about a 50/50 or BOVs that you can portion the VTA portion?


This is a bad analogy, but if a BOV is a person in a wheelchair, a 50/50 BOV is a person in leg braces. It's not as bad, but not good enough to say bolt it up. If you find a deal on one or happen to like the sound of a particular model, go for it, but don't think you are doing your car better vs. a 100% VTA model.



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