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06 W/ 197K lost head gasket - Opinions

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Hello. I have a Stage II L GT (5EAT ) commuter car with 197k on it. It is in great condition (body wise). I was about to have the timing belt and 60 K service done. Now the head gasket fried yesterday. I'm not the mechanical type to repair this on my own. I know I'm looking at a small fortune to have the dealership pull the motor to see if it heads/block warped (the car runs fine and thermostat never went into the red, although it was on the boarder). I'm not sure if it is worth it to put 2-3K into a car that is only worth 6 at this point. My fear is that if this went, what else (starter, fuel pump, alternator) is next.


Is 200K typical life of this car or should I look to bail?

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