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Rotomaster turbo


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I'm Looking to buy a replacement turbo for my 06 LGT. Its starting to make noise and that scares me. I'm also replacing the banjo bolt and a new up pipe. I'm on a budget unfortunately, so I've been looking at rotomaster turbos. There website gives very limited info on what the turbo include or what the condition is. There customer support says both of the turbos listen are complete assembly's. I've contacted rotomaster also and they say the part numbers ending in "N" are new and "R" is re manufactured.

Heres a pictures of the website. Im very confused with this part :confused:. As you can see both have a N at the end and theirs a core charge on the one with both R and N. I've tried emailing them again but no reply. If anyone has any kind of idea which is the better of the two I would be most helpful.




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You say you're on a budget. What are you actually looking at saving by going with some sort of budget turbo, and what is the potential cost of going with a budget part instead of a better quality part?
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