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Questions about oil pressure, after installing new turbo and pickup.

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So I replaced the turbo that went in my 05 lgt. Not any oil flakes in oil pan or filter. Did 5 oil changes to try and clean it all out.


So the day after I finished I decided I'd take it out for a spin. Let her warm up for about 15 minutes then took a 10 minute ride to the deli. Right as I pull into the gas station the oil light pops on. So I turn it off immediately and call my uncle to come and tow it to his garage to prevent any further damage. The first think we do is really drop the pan to replace the pickup, and install oil pressure guage. After a bit of research I find that athe warm idle I should be at about 14 lbs but I'm only at 5. And suggestions on what I should check and or do next?


Thanks for your time.

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