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Timing belt and cam and crank replaced - but now.....???

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Well, got my 1993 Subaru Legacy back today from mechanic. They changed the timing belt (broken due to messy oil leak), replaced 2 cams and 1 crankshaft, and the gasket.


PLUS, the Check Engine Light (CEL) NOW WORKS - wow and great!


OK BUT - The car was in for these repairs few days longer than usual, because car still wouldn't start (crank/no start).


My husband said they probably didn't match up the notches exactly during repairs.


I asked my mechanic if that was true (when he finally called to say car's ready!). His answer = TRUE.

(It's understandable - nobody's perfect I said).


So, now while driving the car after I pick it up, I notice the CEL really works (stays lit constantly) and the seat belt light flashes constantly too.


So then, when I get home, I look under the dash to see if the little black Self-Diagnosis plugs are connected together... and they are. The green ones are not connected.


I try all the seat belts (close, open, close open) but their light on the dash still constantly flashes.


So, I remember now to go for the codes with key to ON position. And I do. BINGO! The FLASHES!


I write them down.


And record these:


11 - Cam Angle Senor

13 - Crank Angle Sensor

31 - Throttle Position Sensor


So, my question is: How can all these 3 sensors be faulty at the same time? Could it be the notches need to be re-aligned once again? (It took the mechanic 2 tries (maybe more who knows) to align up the notches in the first place.)


Any comments or insight to this/these problems??

I would certainly and greatly appreciate it once again!

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