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Wondering about 30,000 mile maintenance service

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Hi Folks,


First post. Hopefully I'm doing this properly.


I have a 2012 Legacy that has reached 30,000 miles. My dealer wants quite a bit of money for the services performed, and there are certainly items I can do myself (like air filter, probably PCV). On their maintenance checklist the services listed that will definitely be done are:

oil and filter

rotate and balance tires

replace brake fluid

throttle service (not sure what they do for this)

replace air filter

replace differential fluid


The remaining items are all inspect / check.


I have looked at the owners manual to try and see what is definitely needed at this interval, and these look to be oil and filter, air filter and brake fluid. The differential fluid is inspect and "replace as necessary" with a note that mentions to do this at 15,000 if under heavy conditions. So does this mean under normal conditions it should always be replaced at 30,000?


Any other information from you folks about the 30,000 mile service would be welcome and appreciated.



Also, I have had the rear brakes done not too long ago, and was surprised that the rears wore down before the fronts, as front brakes do most of the work. Maybe because the front pads are more substantial? Cars I've owned prior to Subarus always had the fronts wear out first, since the front wheels do most of the braking. Is my guess about the front pads being more substantial correct?


Thanks much,






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The throttle service probably is just spray some cleaner to clean up the carbon deposit on throttle. 30K is usually early to do something like that. If you are paying the service a la cart, I would skip that.


I did my rear differential fluid just before the 30k service, it did seem to have some metal from the break in.


The rear brakes will wear down quickly if traction control is being engaged often.

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cabin air filter


Please fill out the info on the left under your user name. It would be helpful to know your model of car and manual or auto tranny, also your location because some maintenance is somewhat regionally dependant due to winter weather.

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Just post up what you would like to do first and we can walk you through what products we like and how to DO IT yourself. Then we'll help you spend that money on some good stuff for the car. :lol:
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