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When I get up to higher speeds like 45 and up the whole car wiggles back and forth I was told that this could be a suspension issue? My suspension is garbage could that be the cause of this?


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yes, you have a front end, suspension, steering issue.

it could be wheels, tires, tie rod ends, ball joints, struts, or more.


crawl under there and start pushing, pulling and wiggling all of the parts.

if you find anything loose .... bingo!

if you do not know how these parts are supposed to act,

i suggest you take it to a shop.


my guess, tie rod ends, outter or inner.

just a guess.

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Just from experience with death wobble in my jeep, I would suggest you find someone with a gopro or similar camera, attach it somewhere it can film areas in question and drive around. Usually you can attach it to the inside of the bumper and have it film all the components behind the wheels.
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