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Got my Zerosports grill atlast!!!


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Straight to the pics:



The grill is a mix of carbon fiber and FRP, the top section is FRP.




This is how the grill comes, included with it are a zerosports badge, black mesh and a sticker.


You can buy the grill painted and clear coated - that is, the top section, which is FRP, is painted (i assume) and the whole thing clear coated afterwards, this grill cleaned up pretty good (i cleaned it up and clay bar'd it) so i've kept it as is - with a few coats of Zaino :)













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My grille looks the same. Wihtout the cost! :lol:


haha. I don't think it looks quiTe like that there carbon fiber DM. But you couldnt tell from a far off:D That's all that matters right? It's a good look though, I wouldn't spring for the CF though..paint will do:p

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