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First Week of the 06'

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So its officially been one week since i took delivery of my 06' LGT limited with 14 miles on it.... 685 miles later I am back @ school and working on my GT constantly. The mods include removing the intake silencer, Installing my JL 500/1 and 12w6v2 sub, 20% tint "all the way around," and ordering some eye lids for my lights.


My goal is to have the first pimped 06' on the road.. anyone beatin me so far.. POST EM''' W/ pics. :dm:

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They don't. ;) The only thing you missed in school was having someone hook you up with a new car while you go. I missed that too... of course I waited till I was 24 before I started going, so it wasn't likely that dad would buy me a car at that point. :lol:


Cobb Accessport, Cobb catted downpipe, Borla catback exhaust, Prodrive PFF7's > Subwoofer, tint, and eyelids


“Cleanliness becomes more important as godliness becomes more unlikely.”

O C D E T A I L S . C O M


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How do college students afford a new LGT? I must have missed something when I was in school.


Its now my last quarter and I've had an excellent job for more than 5 years now. Before I bought the LGT I was constanly modding (as in making faster) my Accord. Might as well take the modding money and get something really nice with it instead:cool:


I might add going to a "cheap" school makes things much easier on the wallet.

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